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  • € 89.50

    The leather laptopsleeve Lucas is perfect for your 13 inch laptop. It's a beautiful item to carry along with you, but also secures a good protection because the leather is well padded. The leather is beautiful and will get even more so when it ages. We also have the cover Lucas for 11 inch laptops. Dimensions: 25(h) x 34,5(b) x 1,5(d) cmMore info? Call...

    € 89.50
  • € 75.00

    The wallet Zaza is for the organised people that like big wallets. People that like an overview off their cards, change and receipts. Even your mobile phone fits comfotably inside. The interior has 5 cardslots, three zippered compartments and three open compartments. And beautiful enough to tag along as a small clutch. Dimensions: 12(h) x 20(w) x 2.5(d)...

    € 75.00
  • € 195.00

    Our leather bag Marc & Vicky features a simple design, with a padded compartment that helps guard against scratching. Combining a space to store your laptop with an additional compartment that holds your daily essentials or meeting papers, this fashionable  bag makes this the only item you'll ever wear to work.  Its strap is adjustable, allowing you...

    € 195.00
  • € 24.50

    The leather keyholder Gilda is a holder for your keys. The inside features two keyrings. The frontpocket is ideal for a bankcard and some cash. No more holes in your pantspockets when using the Gilda!Dimensions: 9(h) x 13(b) x 1(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 24.50
  • € 34.50

    The leather bag Lise is ideal to tag along your mobile phone. But of course also practical for a night out and bring along your lipstick and some money.Dimensions: 10(h) x 16(w) x 0.5(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 34.50
  • € 14.50

    The leather wallet Square is a simple designed wallet that fits your back pocket or a smaller bag easily. Because of the around the corner zipper it is easily accessible. Very popular with men.Dimensions: 8,5(h) x 11w) x 1(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 14.50
  • € 5.00

    A gorgeous big mug for a big tea, hot chocolate or soup.

    € 5.00
  • € 50.00 € 65.00

    The leather wallet Big mumma is the perfect wallet to keep all your bankcards, receipts,change etc. neatly organised. This is one of our customers favorites and not without reason! The Big Mumma provides a remarkable handy overview with its 8 bankcard slots, the zippered compartment to keep change and lots more to help you organize your stuff as you see...

    € 50.00 € 65.00
  • € 69.50

    The leather bag belt Olga provides a comfortable way to carry along all your essentials while keeping your hands free! Enough space to safely store your every day essentials, such as your cell phone, lipstick, wallet and keys. Its long adjustable belt with brass rings that allow you to wear this belt either around your waist or across your chest. Ideal...

    € 69.50
  • € 8.75 € 12.50 -30%

    This small wallet Dean XS is a leather wallet/pouch that comes with an 'around the corner' zipper. Handy to tag along your bankcards, change, jewelry or other small items. The wallet Dean XS is the smallest in the series wallet Dean. Combines nicely with the wallet Dean M. Very populair with men. Dimensions: 8(h) x 10(w) x 0.5(d) cmMore info? Call our...

    € 8.75 € 12.50 -30%
    Reduced price!
  • € 29.50

    What a clever design for a make-up bag! The bag folds open when you open the zipper without your beauty essentials falling out. And a great overview! A real treasure to have in your daily bag.  Dimensions: 12(h) x 22(w) x 0.5(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 29.50
  • € 19.50

    This leather wallet/pouch Dean M is perfect with its one compartment to store whatever; traveling papers, receipts, id-card, make-up, iPhone 6+, 7+, 8+, pens and pencils etc. This pouch combines well with the small leather pouch Dean XS , that allows you to keep things separate and organized. The sturdy look makes this wallet very populair with men. Also...

    € 19.50
  • € 10.15 € 14.50 -30%

    This simple leather pouch Dean S is a wallet/case that comes with an 'around the corner' zipper. The 'around the corner' zipper makes this pouch easy accesible. You could use it to store change, bank/business cards, jewelry and other small items, but also your iPhone 6,7 or 8. Dimensions: 10(h) x 15(w) x 0.5(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 10.15 € 14.50 -30%
  • € 35.00

    The leather make-up bag Rai large is a great make-up bag for keeping all those beauty essentials organized. When you open the zipper, your precious make-up will stay neatly together with a good overview. A beautiful and practical design! If the make-up bag Rai large is too big for your handbag, you can find the make-up bag Rai small in leather or suede in...

    € 35.00
  • € 9.50

    The leather pouch Tinkerbell L is a practical wallet for your bankcards, businesscards, some change etc. You can slip it easily in your backpocket or your eveningbag. Very populair with men and women.  Dimensions: 7(h) x 12.5(w) x 0.5(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 9.50

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