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Leather laptop bags by GM Z Collection

  • € 220.00

    The laptopbag Jens 13 inch is an ideal workingbag. It has two compartments on the inside; one of them is padded for a 13 inch laptop and the other one can be used for your keys, agenda, files, wallet etc. The outside features a padded compartment for your iPad. The strap is adjustable and therefore suitable for different postures. The leather handstraps...

    € 220.00
  • € 175.00

    The leather laptopcover Susan is perfect for your 15 inch laptop. It's a beautiful item to carry along with you, but also secures a good protection because the leather is well padded. The leather is beautiful and will get even more so when it ages. We also have the cover Susan for 13 inch laptops. Dimensions: 29(h) x 39(b) x 6(d) cmMore info? Call our...

    € 175.00
  • € 195.00

    Our leather bag Marc & Vicky features a simple design, with a padded compartment that helps guard against scratching. Combining a space to store your laptop with an additional compartment that holds your daily essentials or meeting papers, this fashionable  bag makes this the only item you'll ever wear to work.  Its strap is adjustable, allowing you...

    € 195.00
  • € 145.00

    The briefcase Quint is ideal to carry along when one wants to take the laptop 15 inch. some A4 papers, notepad, pen and some cards. A very fancy way to get to a meeting or just as a fashionstatement.  The seperated compartments keep everything clear and oversightful.Dimensions: 29(h) x 41(b) x 2,5(d) cm.

    € 145.00
  • € 100.00

    The leather bag Liam is ideal to tag along your iPad and your daily necessities.The inside features a compartment, that can be closed with a zipper width.The strap is adjustable.Dimensions: 27(h) x 24(w) x 6,5(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 100.00