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Small bag by gm z

The smaller gm z bags offer a big variety. The bag that you tag along going on your daily business, going to a fancy restaurant or the smallest bag that will fit just your iPhone. You prfer a slightly bigger big? Check out our shoulder bags. We hope you will find the bag you are looking for in our gm z collection.

  • € 89.50

    The handmade leather bag Liam patchwork is one of our favorites! Designed with patchwork leather pieces, this is a cool, smaller sized bag. It works great going about your everyday business, but it also makes for the finishing touch of a sassy late night outfit. The inside features a pocket that closes with a 18 cm wide zipper, that works great for your...

    € 89.50
  • € 58.00

    The leather bag Noi is a small leather bag that features two buckles. Combining a cute and perky design with space for your wallet, mobile phone, keys and a lipstick, this bag makes for the perfect accessory for a casual day's shopping.Follow us on Instagram @gmzleathercollection to follow our developments and to make reservations. Dimensions: 17(h) x...

    € 58.00
  • € 98.50

    The bag Alexia is a casual retro style bag to complete your look when you want to tag along your daily necessities. The three compartments are big enough to take your mobile phone, wallet and some makeup. A classic and timeless small bag to complete your casual or stylish outfit. The bag can be closed with a pushbutton. The strap is adjustable.Follow us...

    € 98.50
  • € 85.00

    The small leather wallet bag Pasadena is actually a wallet with strap. Very convenient when you just want to tag along your wallet, mobile and lipstick along in an elegant fashion. The inside features a zippered pocket to carry some change, 2 open compartments for receipts/bills and 2 credit card slides. The strap is adjustable. A classic look and one of...

    € 85.00
  • € 115.00

    The bag Geena became one of our more popular bags in a short time. The inside arrangement is simple with just enough compartments to keep everything neat and tidy. Enough volume to tag along your wallet, makeup, mobile phone and a set of  keys. The flap with the magnetic pushbutton makes your necessities secure, but still makes the bag easily accessible...

    € 115.00
  • € 75.00

    The suede bag Josh is a small classic bag that goes well with almost any outfit. Enough volume for your wallet, keys, mobile phone and some more. To tag along to a concert or on a stroll, because of its timeless design it will be easy to match your outfit.Follow us on Instagram @gmzleathercollection to follow our developments and to make reservations....

    € 75.00
  • € 92.50

    Our leather bag Dolores is a perfect bag to carry along all of your more essential items like your wallet, set of keys, makeupbag or even a small bottle of water. Copper colored push buttons on its strap allow you to adjust its length,that means you can wear this leather bag either over shoulder or across body. This casual bag with rounded bottom closes...

    € 92.50
  • € 80.00

    The bag Box Ria is a cute small bag that completes a casual or a classic look. The hardbox bag offers enough volume to tag along a mobile phone, small wallet and some makeup. The strap is adjustable so one can wear this bag overshoulder or crossbody. The inside features one compartment. A unique, small bag!Follow us on Instagram @gmzleathercollection to...

    € 80.00
  • € 75.00

    The leather bag Josh is a small classic bag that goes well with almost any outfit. Enough volume for your wallet, keys, mobile phone and some more. The inside features a compartment, that can be closed with a zipper. Great to tag along to a concert or on a stroll. Because of its timeless design it will be easy to match your outfit.Follow us on Instagram...

    € 75.00
  • € 98.00

    The leather bag Krinkel S is a timeless design that is easily to combine with a casual look or a more dressy outfit. The bag features two compartments that can individually be closed with a zipper. The inside features a zippered compartment with a 17 cm width zipper. The strap is adjustable with push buttons so one can wear it over shoulder or cross body....

    € 98.00
  • € 75.00

    The small leather bag Lucky should be in all womens wardrobe! For strolling, shopping or walking your dog. This little, practical bag features three bankcardslots and a detachable small zippered wallet. The strap is detachable; so, you can use this small bag as a clutch as well. The Lucky is easily suitable for a variety of occasions.Follow us on...

    € 75.00
  • € 34.50

    The leather bag Lise is ideal to tag along your Apple or Samsung mobile phone. But of course also practical for a night out and bring along your lipstick, set of keys and some money. The text LOVE, HOPE, DREAM on the back offers a little reminder for our daily lives and also a lovely message when giving as a gift. The bag Lise can be worn cross body....

    € 34.50
  • € 134.50

    The leather bag Lana patchwork is one of our first designs of our patchwork collection 2021. We design a collection of our leather offcuts that were leftover from previous production. We try to make usage of all our left over pieces of leather and design unique handmade pieces. The collection will contain bags, laptop sleeves, iPhonebags etc. It will be a...

    € 134.50
  • € 49.50

    This leather iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy bag Nigela is an ideal bag to tag along your phone. On the back side of this case there is a zippered compartment for your cards or some cash. You can wear the Nigela cross body, but you could also take the strap off. This bag Nigela is practical and gorgeous to wear when you go to festivals, beach or have a hectic job....

    € 49.50
  • € 95.00

    With its distinctive design we think our leather bag Cyn patchwork Bright Colours reflects the GM Z style like no other.  Combining an attractive patchwork design with enough room for your wallet, keys and smartphone. The possibility to adjust the strap and make it a very cute shoulderbag. We designed a LIMITED EDITION collection made of leather offcuts...

    € 95.00