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Leather belts for women by GM Z Collection

  • € 34.50

    The leather belt Skinny is beautiful and simple as a finishing touch to any outfit. A must-have item for any wardrobe! The belt has a length of 110 cm and has a silver colored buckle. Dimensions: 114(h) x 2,3(b) x 0(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 34.50
  • € 49.50

     The leather belt Shirley is a wrap around belt made of soft leather. Perfect to wear either over a dress, tunique or a skirt. Best worn at the waist. Dimensions: 5,5(h) x 194(b) x 0(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866More info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 49.50
  • € 59.50

    Our leather belt bag Dorus is in fact a leather belt with a small bag that can be worn on your hip, but can be also be worn across your body. It features enough space to fit your mobile phone, a set of keys, your lipstick and a small wallet. Dorus makes for the ideal accessory on your travels, at festivals, or just during weekdays, when it'll keep your...

    € 59.50
  • € 59.50

    The belt Nellie is a belt for your jeans, for over a vest and even for a bit fancier trousers. The leather is gorgeous, matt and supple. One of these GM Z items that will stay with you for years. Suitable for men and women. Dimensions: 4(h) x 112(b) x (d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 59.50
  • € 25.00

    The leather belt Megan is a delicate skinny belt that is perfect to shape a dress or a tunique. Or to finish off a highwaist pants or a sleek dress. A musthave in every womans wardrobe! Dimensions 1,3(h) x 98(b) x 0(d) cmMore info? Call our store +31-20-3208866

    € 25.00