Small leather bag Lucky

The small letaher bag Lucky should be in all womens wardrobe! For hiking, biking, shopping or walking your dog; the inside features 3 bankcardslots and a detachable small zippered wallet. Furthermore the strap is detachable; so, you could use this small bag as a clutch as well. The Lucky is easily suitable for a variety of occasions.

: 13(h) x 20(b) x 1,5(d) cm

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€ 75.00


  • Lucky red Lucky red
  • Lucky black Lucky black
  • Lucky grey Lucky grey
  • Lucky darkblue Lucky darkblue
  • Lucky darkgrey Lucky darkgrey
  • Lucky olive Lucky olive
  • Lucky lightbrown Lucky lightbrown
  • Tan Tan
  • Darkbrown Darkbrown

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