Leather Wallet Tinkerbell XXL 'I Love Amsterdam'

The leather wallet Tinkerbell XXL I love Amsterdam is a neat wallet for some cash, bankcards, make up or even your iPhone 6+ or 7+. Furthermore a nice item to tag along in your purse. A nice gift too! Also available with two compartments;that offers the possibility to store your phone in the one and your money in the other compartment. If you have the iPhone 6 or 7 then the smaller size XL would also do.

Dimensions: 10,5(h) x 18(b) x 0,5(d) cm

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In stock

€ 19.50

  • Tinkerbell brown Tinkerbell brown
  • Tinkerbell dark brown Tinkerbell dark brown
  • Tinkerbell red Tinkerbell red
  • Tinkerbell blue Tinkerbell blue
  • Tinkerbell fuchsia Tinkerbell fuchsia
  • Tinkerbell turquoise Tinkerbell turquoise
  • Tinkerbell grey Tinkerbell grey
  • Tinkerbell black Tinkerbell black

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