Leather wallet Loyd

This midsized leather wallet Loyd is great for those who really want a clear overview . Very practical with its 6 bankcard slots, a compartment that can be closed with a pushbutton for change and a separate compartment for bills. The safety of your items is ensured by a zipper that goes all around. Our leather wallet Loyd is suitable for both men and women, so don’t make your other half miss out!

Dimensions: 12(h) x 11(w) x 0.5(d) cm

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€ 52.50

  • Loyd darkblue Loyd darkblue
  • Loyd black Loyd black
  • Loyd darkbrown Loyd darkbrown
  • Loyd grey Loyd grey
  • Loyd olive Loyd olive
  • Loyd tan Loyd tan
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